TheraCupping, LLC
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TheraCupping™, LLC was formed to incorporate different levels of specialized cupping therapies under one umbrella.

We first started out by developing the ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork technique in 2002. After training over 1000 Massage Therapists, we began with MediCupping™ therapy in 2007. We became so excited with the equipment choices and the possibility for everyone to have access to this technology that we formed TheraCupping™ to provide equipment and instruction for home care and wellness.

ACE MassageCupping™ was developed uniquely for massage/ bodywork professionals to address deep "tissue issues" and pathologies that are within massage license guidelines. This technique works quickly and effectively and promotes ease in treatments for practitioners and clients.

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MediCupping™ provides equipment and training relating to medical massage, medical spas and medical offices. Used for pre/ post-surgical applications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, naturopathy, TCM and acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and general medicine.

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TheraCupping™ provides education and equipment for personal use that is effective and affordable.

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FOUNDER - Anita Shannon. A skin care and massage therapy professional since 1983, she is the creator of the ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork technique. Anita appeared for four years as the co-host for Dr. Mitchell Ghen on the TV show "Health Options Today" and travels internationally to teach the ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork technique.

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